Lancelotti Studio

LancelottiStudio is formed by a group of professionals developing the arts of photography, videography and design, with advanced lightning skills.
With over 15 years in this art and more then a 1000 weddings performed throughout the caribbean , LP studio finally installed roots in the hearth of Cancun Mexico, were they continue to document love stories with a passion for journalistic photography style.

LP Studio is formed by :

2 photography masters , with Juan Carlos Lancelotti as principal photographer and founder of LancelottiStudio.

2 production assistants

2 professional videographers with knowledge of film and advertising

1 professional graphic designer responsable for the post production of all the material.
The technology and techniques used by our team are constantly updating to provide the best quality for all our customers.

If you want to know us better, get other infos or ask questions, you can follow us on social networks to keep updated with news and events.

Thanks for reading, we send you our best wishes for the most important day in in your life…

Born in 1978

Juan carlos has a close relationship with several of the best photographers in the Riviera Maya, with whom he shares his passion for photography, technology, and nature…

After living several years in Europe, he settled in Latin America with his family. Currently living in the city of Cancun, he is dedicated exclusively to wedding and event photography.


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